About Placement

Arena animation, a leading animation institution in India has declared that they have already placed a whopping number of 5000 students in the first six months of this year and are expecting to place a glorious number of 13,000 students by the end of this year, all over India. Last placement season, Arena had placed around 6,500 of their students. The animation and VFx Industry in India is experiencing a growth spurt attributing to the tremendous rise in the use of VFx in areas not limited to Media & Entertainment industry but also other across sectors such as Architectural Design, Scientific & Medical Animation to name a few. The domestic market is seeing bigger budgets for VFX in films, television shows and advertisements in order to provide an enhanced visual experience to the audience. VFX is all set to grow in the Indian film industry because writers, producers and directors are increasingly exploring new genres and stories which are impossible to make without extensive involvement of VFX professionals. With the market in need of good animators and VFx artists, Arena students are being picked up from the centres like hot cakes even before finishing their courses.

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