AAIP Course (Arena Animation International Programming)

Semester 1 (Graphic)

1. Understand concepts of Design, Composition & Visualization.
2. Explain fundamentals of Graphics and various aspects of drawings.
3. Understand typography.
4. Create artworks/Illustrations.
5. Use Image Editing tools and retouch images.
6. Understand the fundamentals of Digital Filmmaking.
7. Understand sound & video editing.

Semester 2 (2D Animation)

1. Describe importance of anatomy in animation.
2. Construct poses in different action.
3. Explain the evolution and importance of animation.
4. Describe the techniques of animation.
5. Explain techniques and importance of storyboarding in animation.
6. Create storyboards for animation.
7. Create vector graphics and 2D digital animation.

Semester 3 (3D Animation)

1. Demonstrate knowledge of claymation for creating animations.
2. Explain the different techniques and principles of stop motion animation.
3. Apply principles of 3D modeling, texturing, Lighting and animation while creating motion graphics.
4. Understand the use of dynamic 3D camera movement.
5. Apply various shades, materials, and textures on 3D models.
6. Use different modifiers and tools to create stunning motion graphics in Max.
7. Render different passes in VRay.
8. Create digital motion graphics and composite images.

Semester 4 (VFX)

1. Prepare 3d models using various modeling tools
2. Create and edit textures which are the most vital contributing factor to the aesthetics of the animation
3. Create 3D Animations for Projection Mapping
4. Explain the concept of three dimension with regard to augmented reality
5. Create 3D Models & Animations for Augmented reality
6. Use Pixar Renderman for Rendering
7. Create Crowd Simulation using Golaem

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